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Menstrual panties

changes your life

Feel free

From today you can start living your menstruation in a healthier way, no more embarrassment if you get spotted or if someone notices. 

Our menstrual panties are more than just panties.

It's a way of life where you choose how you want to live it without the obstacles we put on ourselves because of something as natural as menstruation. 

Feel free wearing our panties that absorb menstruation, vaginal discharge and light urine loss.

Hypoallergenic, breathable, ultra-absorbent, discreet and odourless.

With lace or with transparencies, discreet or flashy, light or dark,

at FreeU, panties fit you, not you.

Good for you, good for the planet

Each woman throws away the equivalent of

 during her lifetime.

If we also take into account that a sanitary napkin takes around

to degrade, the ecological impact is exorbitant.

Therefore, a much more comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional intimate protection to make a cleaner planet,

is the future of intimate protection.

Women around the world must bring out our most generous side and contribute in a natural way, as much as menstruation does.

Panties for and by all women

Women go through many phases in their lives.

throughout our lives.

From puberty to the birth of children to middle age,

each stage relates to our intimate zone in a different way.

Whoever and whatever you are,

FreeU gives you the protection and freedom you need at every stage of life.

at every stage of life.

Four advantages of using FreeU

FreeU panties are made with ultra-absorbent and antibacterial layers.


Very feminine models to wear every day of the year.


High quality 100% bamboo cotton highly protective layer that preserves.


Protects the intimate area and are incredibly gentle on the skin, preventing avoiding irritation.


Intermediate zone acts with polyester-based textile technology that absorbs without staining and odor. stain and odor free.

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