Tips for safe travel with your period 

We still have time to go on a weekend getaway and the last thing we want is for menstruation to ruin the experience. That’s why, from FreeU, we give you the tips you need to know to travel safely when you’re on your period.


Travelling when you have your period can sometimes not be as easy as it seems. Especially if you travel by plane, something that very few women know is that on a long flight with a time difference, our menstrual cycle can change. We advise you to always carry your FreeU menstrual panties with you, they don’t take up any space and can save you the trip.

Forget about the sanitary towels and tampons bag.

Sanitary products such as pads and tampons are still the most common products on the market, but the reality is that to make a long plane journey with your period as comfortable as possible, it’s best to use other methods. In addition, you may not always have access to a retail outlet. Therefore, choosing other methods that are more compatible with your lifestyle is a great advantage. For example, the combination of an easy-empty menstrual cup and menstrual panties is a winning combo for surviving a plane journey with your period.

Clean, dry and comfortable throughout the journey

A long flight can be a real nightmare if you’re travelling with your period. On top of the discomfort of sitting in a cramped space for hours on end, you may be worried about odour or getting through your clothes. FreeU menstrual panties absorb and retain menstrual flow and neutralise odours thanks to an ultra-absorbent layer. Protection is triple thanks to a third waterproof layer that doesn’t leak and keeps skin dry at all times to avoid feeling damp.

Less is more. Say goodbye to the unexpected

We’re sure… You weren’t expecting your period but there it is! It comes early, it comes late, it’s not the norm but sometimes it happens. Avoid having to ask all your friends for an emergency tampon. FreeU menstrual panties are the best option for worry-free travel. Each panty is designed for different times of the cycle so you can choose to travel with a low-flow panty. No one will notice you’re wearing them, they don’t feel thick and you’ll be covered in case of an emergency or loss of normal to moderate flow.

Take care of the environment

We assume by now that all these reasons are more than enough to travel with FreeU menstrual panties, but we can still give you a powerful reason.

If you like to travel, you like the environment, cities and nature and you care about the environment, with FreeU panties you avoid using other methods that are more costly in the medium term and not at all environmentally friendly. Zero waste, reusable and 0% polluting.

Free U is much more than just menstrual underwear. It is a commitment to yourself, to the way you think and act. Free yourself and enjoy this great journey that is life.

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