As you may already know, FREEU Intim menstrual briefs have arrived to revolutionise the intimate hygiene market. We could talk for hours about all the features that help to make your life easier…


But what are the advantages of FREEU Intim menstrual panties compared to the hygienic protection methods we are used to?


Nowadays, it is very difficult to decide on a particular product without having to sift through all the offers available to us. Not just for intimate hygiene, but for any type of purchase: choosing a type or brand of car, make-up, cereal… But it is interesting to compare in order to discover the advantages of the intimate product that we will end up deciding on. The truth is that not all of us have the same level of menstrual flow, frequency, tolerance or comfort with certain products, and so on.


Therefore, it is important to make a good search in the market, compare and reflect on what options are suitable for each of us: type of protection, durability, size, shape, price…


As always, we advise you to draw your own conclusions (because a consumer who thinks for herself is a responsible consumer). But, if you want to know in which specific characteristics FREEU Intim menstrual panties are better than traditional hygienic protection, don’t forget to read…




One of the worst things about menstruation is the fact that it comes back month after month. We’ve all felt those little twinges of discomfort that tell us the time is approaching. This creates a level of alertness that can even lead to anxiety and discomfort due to the uncertainty of when the time will come, where it will catch us and whether we will be ready.


In addition, with traditional hygienic protection products, there is the danger of leaks or unwanted odours. Not to mention the fact that many of us sometimes find it unpleasant and uncomfortable to deal with.


Instead, FREEU Intim menstrual panties are made of bamboo cotton, breathable and contain a four-layer technology core that protects you all around, no leaks or odours!


You won’t have to worry about when it will come, or wearing extra products that might be uncomfortable. They are extremely discreet, giving you peace of mind.




While it is important to be comfortable and not worry about our menstruation as much as possible, we can’t stress enough the importance of opting for options that take care of our bodies and our planet.


These options are increasingly present in all areas, as we all become more aware of the importance of taking care of our entire environment (inside and outside), and FREEU Intim is part of this mission to move towards a healthier and more sustainable world.


However, today we still use many single-use products, disposable, with unnecessary plastics… that harm the environment and may contain elements that are harmful to our bodies. This is the case of many of the traditional hygienic protection products, as they are not reusable and may sometimes contain harmful substances, not to mention the accumulated cost of having to keep buying these products month after month!


The alternative we offer at FREUU Intim can certainly be much more attractive in many ways: our menstrual panties are chemical-free, made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Menstrual panties for every moment of your menstrual phase. What’s more, they are fully reusable and last for at least two years, so you don’t have to renew them every few months (something you’ll immediately notice in your pocket!).


All that remains is to invite you to take some time to reflect on the many advantages of FREEU Intim menstrual panties over traditional hygienic protection in all these different areas, and decide for yourself if you are ready to join the intimate care revolution and gain peace of mind, savings and care.


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