Naturally sexy, naturally effective: with FreeU it is possible

Feeling sexy during your period? You may think this statement is crazy, because we all, absolutely all of us, have good and not so good days during our periods. But, yes, it’s totally possible and we’ll tell you how.

During menstruation, it is common to suffer mood swings, sadness or happiness, irritability… do these symptoms sound familiar? The period causes hormonal changes that we suffer month after month. Our self-esteem is affected, we even look bad, has it ever happened to you?

Your hormones have a lot to do with how you feel during your period. That’s why it’s important not to let yourself down and do your best to feel sexy and beautiful.

But in addition to the physical aspect and how we feel, there is the discomfort of having to use disposable protection methods that make us feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable and, moreover, very unflattering.

I’m sure that more than once you’ve thought, “I’ll just have to get my panties ruined for when I have my period”. And we tell you, why does it have to be like that?

Forget the established norms and feel sexy!

Naturally sexy: Don’t give up on feeling sexy during your period

Can you imagine what it’s like to feel protected, confident and beautiful when you’re on your period?

With FreeU menstrual knickers you can feel naturally sexy and totally protected.

No matter where you are in your period, we have the model that best suits you and how you feel. Each FreeU panty has its own special feature. If you like them with lace, with lace, more or less high… but if you like the basic concept and you don’t want to give up the more conventional cotton panties, we also have them!

But that’s not all, did you know that we also have panties that adapt to every moment of the period depending on the absorption you need?

Naturally effective: Guaranteed protection for 12 hours

FreeU briefs protect you practically all day long, so you can forget about everything!

Can you imagine wearing a panty and not having to worry about your period until you get home at night?

Comfortable, discreet, leak-proof and sexy too – we can’t think of a better way to get your period!

Go for it, feel naturally sexy, naturally effective.

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