Mother’s Day 2022: surprise her with a different and original present

With Mother’s Day 2022 just around the corner, surely you are looking for a different and very original gift, right?

Every year it’s the same story, what to give for Mother’s Day? We all opt for perfumes, books, technology or clothes; but what about FreeU lingerie?

No matter how old your mother is, FreeU adapts to her every need.

You’re probably asking yourself, why should I give FreeU menstrual panties as a gift?

This Mother’s Day 2022, you have to surprise with FreeU because they are the ideal accessory for any woman: whether she has her period or not. They adapt to the silhouette of every woman, they come in various sizes and models and they are also ideal for urine leakage. And best of all, they are so comfortable that your mother will wear them every day.

At FreeU, we always think about the needs of every woman, so in the “maternity” section you will find the ones that will best suit your mum’s needs, no matter how old they are. For their comfort, for their composition, and above all, for their absorption.


I’m sure your mummy has everything, and maybe she’s never tried FreeU menstrual and leakage pants before.

Now is the time! Once she’s tried them, she won’t want any others. Plus, thanks to their composition, they’re sure to become your daily favourite. 

Don’t know which model is the most suitable?

We propose two models: Model Noah and Model Valeria.

Noah model: a menstrual panty made of bamboo cotton, ideal for abundant absorption thanks to its 4 layers. It covers the front and back for a non-slip result. It is not only comfortable, but also very sexy thanks to the lace.

Valeria model: it is a comfortable, snug and leak-proof model. It is a high-waisted menstrual panty, made of cotton and mesh. Made with a very pleasant to the touch fabric and an elasticated waistband, it is ideal for mums who are looking for abdominal support!

This year, be original. Give FreeU menstrual panties and panties for urine loss. You’re sure to hit the mark! And your mum will be delighted.

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