How to wash your menstrual panties?

As you know, the world of menstruation has changed and with it, its rules. Women all over the world are opening their minds and daring to try alternatives that are better for the environment and for our pockets. Menstrual panties have a different fabric to conventional panties and therefore, their care also varies. From FreeU we want to help you with the necessary steps to know how to wash them so that they last longer and are more effective.

Although it is true that the washing process is quite similar to that of conventional underwear, when it comes to this garment you need to take extra care and precautions. The fabric of menstrual underwear is made up of several layers to help absorb moisture, neutralise odour and of course prevent leaks. Therefore, from FreeU we give you the following steps to wash your menstrual panties and get the most out of them:




Step 1: Rinse the garment

The first step to remember is to rinse your menstrual panties in cold water until they come out clean. It may take a little while for the water to come out completely clear, especially if you are washing them by hand. If you are washing them in the washing machine

If you’re washing them in the washing machine, there’s no need for a super rinse, but wring them out well before mixing them with the rest of your clothes!


Step 2: Washing

The next step is the actual washing. You can wash them by hand or, if you prefer, in the washing machine. In both cases you must bear in mind that you cannot use fabric softeners or other products of this type as their use spoils the fabric inside the panty, clogging the fibres and preventing them from absorbing the maximum amount of flow or menstruation.

Hand washing, however cumbersome it may be, will always be gentler on the fabrics. However, it is not a problem to wash menstrual panties in the washing machine – in fact, it is the most convenient!


Step 3: Air dry

3 pack of menstrual panties

Once they are clean, the only thing left to do is to dry them. The most important thing, as mentioned above, is not to use heat, so we recommend that you do not use the tumble dryer and dry them in the open air.

One thing to keep in mind is that menstrual panties are not like other garments that can spend a week waiting in the laundry basket. From Freeu we advise you to wash them as soon as possible.

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