How to cope better with your period at Christmas

 Premenstrual syndrome doesn’t care what special date you have, so it’s important to know how to deal with your period in the most discreet way this Christmas.

December is considered to be the most demanding month to be always glowing and happy. But in the smiles of many women who try to look unforgettable in the holiday photographs sometimes hide anguish, swelling, pain and tiredness. From Free U we don’t want the most intense month of the year full of parties and important dinners to be ruined because of the period. That’s why, in today’s blog we show you how to cope with your period this Christmas with the best tips.

One of the most important factors to be spotless on these special days is to start the day with the best possible attitude. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You don’t need to prepare a big feast, but it is essential that you learn to select the foods you need to get you going in the morning. In this blog we help you to find out which foods are the best for you when you are on your period.

At Christmas, we have more free time. It is the perfect time to make the most of it, go out and do some sport or practice an exercise plan at home, you will notice that you will feel better both physically and mentally.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is to be comfortable and at ease with the intimate hygiene you use so that no one knows you have your period.  This gives us security and comfort, which is synonymous with being perfect and triumphing in the special occasions that are to come.

Menstrual panties cotton with plumetti, Sunny

Free U menstrual panties will be your true ally if you get your period at Christmas. They are made with innovative properties and a textile technology with great absorption capacity so you won’t notice them and you won’t be noticed. You will feel free since you won’t have to use anything else.

They are completely normal panties but with the benefit that you will also be helping the environment as we use a 100% organic bamboo cotton fabric, soft to the touch and with anti-bacterial properties. It also offers extra absorbency and prevents fluid leakage by keeping the skin dry and insulated from menstrual flow.

Thanks to its outer layer that reinforces the containment of menstrual flow, it avoids stains and undesirable situations. And forget about unwanted odours as they contain a four-layer technological core that protects you all around the area so that there are no leaks or odours.

Enjoy this Christmas season as much as possible with Free U menstrual panties. Visit and discover the models that best suit you. Discreet, fun, comfortable and sexy, available in various models and colours.

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