Free Bleeding: The new trend to naturalise periods
Free Bleeding, or free bleeding, is the new trend or movement that is taking place among some women. It consists of letting the blood flow without using traditional methods such as tampons or pads.

Free Bleeding, although a relatively new movement for us, or one that we may never have heard of, is not new at all. It dates back to the 1970s, to the protests generated by the well-known toxic shock syndrome caused by tampons.

In the article, collected by the magazine Glamour, in which we are mentioned as a reference brand in terms of menstrual panties, the need to listen to our body is raised.

In this article, they include the opinion of Cèlia from @freetheregla, in which she indicates that “we can retain the flow and expel it when it is more convenient for us“. 

As she explains in the blog I love Cyclo, Free Bleeding, it is necessary to normalise the period, give it visibility and educate by breaking taboos. But, as a second aspect, it is about listening to the body and being able to “evacuate the blood where and when we decide”.


How can I practice free Bleeding?

First of all, in order to practice free bleeding, it is necessary to listen to our body. We all feel when we are about to get our period, don’t we? That feeling is unmistakable.

We recommend you to start this practice with FreeU menstrual panties. It’s necessary, because you won’t be able to control your bleeding 100% overnight. Factors such as: being able to listen to your body, being aware of your period, your pelvic floor, the type and amount of bleeding for each girl, and so on, all play a part. Be patient and put it into practice every month.

But, thanks to FreeU, and menstrual panties, you will feel 100% confident if you put it into practice. And most importantly, you stop using products like pads and tampons that are so harmful and polluting for the planet.

And the savings! You can’t imagine what you can save over the years if you finally stop buying traditional methods of protection that are so harmful to the planet and even to us. 

Why do FreeU panties allow me to practice Free Bleeding?

Simply because they allow you to practice free bleeding in a safe and effective way, without polluting and allowing you to be 100% conscious of your body.

FreeU menstrual panties are normal panties that integrate a thin, ultra-absorbent and anti-stain protection system. They also incorporate a technological core for better absorption. They cover completely, widthwise and lengthwise, front and back, you’ll be surprised!  In addition, the “silent” finish ensures that there is no creaking when you move or sit down, something that happens with sanitary towels and is very uncomfortable.

 What are the health benefits of Free Bleeding?

If we listen to the girls who have been practising this trend, they all agree on one thing: the pain of their periods has decreased. That’s right, it is common to hear that they notice a lesser intensity in menstrual pain, they feel more comfortable with each period and cramps have decreased. In addition, stopping the use of tampons totally reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Tampons also increase the chances of infection or candidiasis, because they hardly allow perspiration.  So we can say that sanitary products such as sanitary towels and tampons are not good for your health.

From FreeU we encourage you to listen to your body, improve your health and increase your self-confidence. Will you join this practice that revolutionises women’s intimate health?

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