Doing sports with your period

Some women put exercise aside when they are menstruating. The reason? To avoid spotting, irritation and the discomfort of swelling (especially when your period is usually very heavy). From FreeU we show you that doing sports with your period has its benefits.

The key to doing sports with your period in a comfortable, hygienic and safe way lies in the method of protection you use. There is no impediment to continue with your sports routine when you have your period.

FreeU menstrual panties use a fabric that is soft to the touch and breathable to say goodbye to burning or irritation from the pad rubbing. In fact, the shape of our panties is virtually identical to your underwear so you can move freely without fear of leaks. Thanks to their 3 or 4-layer design (depending on your flow), they will keep you dry and protected for up to 12 hours and are super absorbent.

Benefits of doing sports during menstruation.

Believe it or not, doing sports during menstruation is beneficial for us.

We know that exercise releases endorphins, and that these are substances that the body produces to relieve pain and give a sense of well-being, so maybe staying in bed is not the best option. In FreeU we tell you 3 benefits why doing sports as a rule will be a good option:

Lowers swelling

When you do sports, you sweat. As a result, your body eliminates the excess water and orders to stop retaining liquids.

Fewer mood swings

During premenstrual syndrome, some women suffer from sudden changes in mood. Since exercise releases endorphins, it improves oxygenation and fights free radicals.


You will have milder cramping

As mentioned before, sport releases endorphins and also facilitates a good rest and eliminates stress. A more rested and stress-free body is less sensitive to pain. What does this mean? Your menstrual cramps will be much more bearable.


So why is it often believed that doing sports with menstruation is not compatible? Centuries ago, menstrual hygiene methods were not as effective and easy to use as they are today, causing fear of spotting and discomfort.

It should also be noted that the days when we have the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, favor the lack of appetite and we have less desire to do things. After all, menstrual cramps could discourage anyone, even an elite athlete would be willing to take a day off from her sports routine.

One alternative you can do, in case you are more discouraged than usual, is to replace your usual routine with a more relaxed one. Practicing yoga, going for a walk or swimming are excellent activities.

Don’t let your period stop you! With FreeUIntim menstrual panties you can keep up with your life, whether you enjoy exercising outdoors or at the gym.




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