What is my FreeU menstrual panty size?

What is my FreeU menstrual panty size? The answer is very simple. In these lines we will give you some tips to help you find the perfect size and enjoy your panties comfortably.

Buying underwear, especially online, can be complicated. Finding your menstrual panty size depends on the models, the height of the waistband, the shapes… Don’t worry my friend, we will solve all your doubts so that you know what is your FreeU menstrual panties size.

To succeed with the size of menstrual panties has never been so easy.

We want to give you as much information as possible. This way, you can make your purchase convinced and with all the cards on the table. As you know, transparency is very important to us. FreeU is a brand of menstrual panties made in Spain, with the mission to ensure that women feel sexy and comfortable during their periods. We have various styles, colours and cuts of panties, so you can choose the ones that suit you best. Variety is great, but we know that it can be a little bit challenging, so facilitate your decision about the menstrual panty size.

What is my FreeU menstrual panties size? 

Not sure if you’re choosing the right size? Maybe you are hesitating between two of them… Let us tell you that each of our panties has been designed to best adapt to each body. They are designed for all types of flow, from the lightest to the heaviest to urine leakage. As Marie Claire compiled in one of our recent media appearances, “its three layers of technology offer maximum protection for twelve hours without leakage or odour”.

You’ll be a winner with your FreeU menstrual panty size if you choose the same size you use with your classic panties or Zara panties, for example. If you’re in between sizes, it’s best to go with the larger size to feel more comfortable during your period. There’s nothing worse than wearing tight clothes when your tummy is swollen.

Now comes the trick…

Do you know how to measure yourself correctly to consult the Size Guide?

Measure yourself correctly with this 3 useful tips.

Firstly, get a sewing tape measure and measure underneath your clothes.

Then secondly measure yourself from the widest part of your pelvis to know your hip centimetres.

To finish, do this while standing up straight. Ask someone to help you if you need it.

Great! What is my FreeU menstrual panties size? It is now out the question. You can now consult the Sizing Guide table below:


We currently have sizes from XS to XL, or in other words, from 32 to 48. And we are still working to expand sizes so that FreeU menstrual panties are practical for more and more women.

Need more information?

If you still have any doubts after consulting our Sizing Guide, don’t worry! Leave us a comment here, contact us on our networks, by email at hola@freeuintim.com or through our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your FreeU panties as soon as possible.

And if, on the other hand, the size you received is not the most comfortable for you, you can return your panties without additional costs. Remember that they must be in their original packaging and unused. Simple, isn’t it?

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What is my FreeU menstrual panty size? Solved!

FreeU, naturally sexy, naturally effective.

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