Discover menstrual panties made in Spain
Discover the menstrual panties preferred by Spanish women made in Spain

Menstrual panties “Made in Spain”, –brand spain- and chosen by hundreds of Spanish women, are called FreeU; and without a doubt, they are a real revolution.

More and more women are deciding to turn their backs on conventional methods of dealing with their periods, such as tampons and sanitary towels, and are encouraged to try alternative methods such as menstrual panties

Menstrual panties made in Spain following the highest quality standards

The fact that a product is “Made in Spain” is synonymous with quality; Spanish manufacturing is undoubtedly an added value to the product due precisely to the expertise coupled with quality. This is one of the reasons why FreeU panties are top sellers in France and, in less than a year, have become the favorite menstrual panties of Spanish women.
They meet the highest quality standards, as they are subjected to stringent quality control processes and demanding production processes.

A product “Made in Spain”, and that is not from China, usually has a higher price, precisely because of the manufacturing controls and raw materials.

Demanding production to care for and protect women’s intimate health

FreeU menstrual panties are manufactured in Spain, to be more precise in Enguera, a town south of Valencia. They are made with vegan and ecological raw materials, such as bamboo cotton, present in most of the production.

Our main concern is to guarantee the quality of our products and to fulfill, in each and every one of our actions as a company, an objective of social responsibility to take care of you and the planet. 

For that very reason it is of vital importance to us that our product is certified with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 seal. This is the world’s best known ecological certificate, which promotes responsible trade and sustainable products. It also guarantees the quality of both the product’s raw materials and production processes, as well as the total absence of harmful substances.

The feminine revolution capable of adapting to your needs

How many times have you felt as if you were wearing a diaper when using a sanitary napkin? Are you one of those who resent tampons and can’t wear them? If every month you feel just as bad when you get your period, you need to finally meet the great FreeU revolution.

If you are considering this change, whether you are looking for a method that is more respectful of your uterine health, the environment, comfort or mere curiosity, you should choose the product that best suits you.

If you are reading this, surely you already know that menstrual panties, among other qualities, treat menstruation in an effective way, respecting the female intimate health, without exposing it to chemicals. In addition, they generate zero waste, as they are 100% reusable.


Why choose FreeU menstrual panties?

The main reason is the quality, as we indicated before, are manufactured in Spain with the seal “made in spain”.


Unlike other brands, FreeU panties are made only with top quality materials, soft and absorbent. When you wear them, you will see that they not only look and feel like normal panties.

Feel comfortable and secure, up to twelve hours guaranteed!

Plus, as a product that comes in direct contact with such a delicate area, it’s vitally important that our panties ensure your uterine health. That’s why our fabric dries immediately, breathes and helps eliminate moisture, keeping bad odors away.


Recommended by gynecologists, it is the ideal to take care of your intimate area at the time when it is most vulnerable.

So you can be 100% sure, the panties are only made of materials that respect your skin and the environment. Totally chemical-free!

With FreeU, forget about your period and feel good!

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